Report: Toyota working on car powered solely by solar energy

According to the Nikkei Japanese newspaper, Toyota is working on a compact-car that will be solely powered by solar energy. The newspaper said that it will be years before the vehicle ever makes it to the markets but Toyota is quickly looking for ways to differentiate itself in the "green car" market.

Nikkei said that the Japanese automaker is currently working on an electric-car that gets some of its power from solar cells and will later develop a model that will be totally powered by solar cells mounted onto the roof of the vehicle.

While Toyota forecasted its first operating loss in 70 years last month, it is still the leader in green technology and Toyota executives have emphasized that they will not cut back on environmental research despite the company's financial troubles.

Toyota is expected to gain knowledge of solar energy in vehicle use from its partner, Panasonic Corp., which currently produces batteries for its hybrid cars.

Source: Detroit Free Press


Pininfarina exits contract building, focusing solely on electric vehicles

This year has been a hard one for a lot of people, companies and industries. It has been an especially tough one for Pininfarina, losing its CEO, Andrea Pininfarina, to a traffic accident in August. Today news is breaking that the company has decided to end its stint as Italy's last contract manufacturer and focus solely on building electric vehicles. Pininfarina's new plan is as much about finances as it is about the future: the new plan facilitated an agreement with its creditors that helped avoid bankruptcy for the legendary design and coachbuilding firm.

Pininfarina B0 electric vehicle at Paris Motor Show

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