smart fortwo Planning Electric Drive Vehicle

smart fortwo Planning Electric Drive Vehicle

smart is producer of one of the worldwide most economical and environmentally friendly cars: the smart fortwo. The brand takes advantages by using alternative technologies to develop even more ecologically friendly vehicles. The smart fortwo electric drive demonstrates the pioneering role of the young car brand. As an electric car it is locally emission-free, highly [...]

Seat trials Leon 'Twin Drive' plug-in hybrid

Seat has unveiled an electrically-driven prototype based on its Leon hatchback, which the company plans to trial in an urban environment together with the Spanish government. The technology behind the new prototype is Volkswagen Group’s Twin Drive plug-in hybrid powertrain, which was first displayed in a Mark V Golf hatch and then again in the new Mark VI model. The prototype receives its name from its twin powerplant design, which features an electric motor designed for city driving and an internal combustion engine for longer trips.
2008 Volkswagen Twin Drive Concept

Smart exploring opportunities for U.S. ForTwo EV trial

In July last year Smart unveiled three new concept versions of its second-generation ForTwo minicar, all based around an ultra-efficient electric drivetrain. The trio included a regular petrol-electric hybrid, a diesel-electric hybrid and a zero-emissions electric vehicle. This third concept, the all-electric ForTwo, featured a 40hp (30kW) motor powered by a sodium-nickel-chloride battery and could drive up to 71mi (115km) on a single charge. At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Smart displayed its next-generation prototype ForTwo electric vehicle (EV) and also confirmed that production of the vehicle would start at the end of the year.

SPLASH OUT IN THE new special edition Citroën c1

SPLASH OUT IN THE new special edition Citroën c1

Citroën is introducing a nautical new special edition of the best selling sub 110g/km CO2 emitting car in Europe. The C1 Splash will benefit from extra equipment like air conditioning, front electric windows and remote control central locking, as well as two funky new body colours exclusive to Splash. Customers [...]

EDAG presents Light Car concept for Geneva

German firm EDAG - short for Engineering & Design, AG - has unveiled its latest concept for a futuristic car ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The car's key elements center around materials and construction, though its official name - 'Light Car - Open Source' - indicates an ideology that underlies it as well. The 'Light Car' name derives from its fundamental design as a car that communicates with other drivers via a system of OLED (organic LED) lights. Some of the car's key body panels are made of the OLED display material, including the front and rear lights, allowing the owner to customize these lights at will, changing their shape or design much like changing the theme on a computer desktop, in addition to displaying warnings and other data to other drivers.
EDAG Light Car Concept

Smart USA sells almost 25,000 fortwos in first year

The Smart fortwo couldn't have come to the United States at a better time. Skyrocketing fuel prices and a dearth of fuel efficient vehicles gave Daimler's Tiny Tim a big push to the tune of 25,000 units for the year, far surpassing Smart's goal of 15,000 units. Smart's success is also another feather in the cap of Roger Penske. Penske is the only US distributor for Smart, with only 74 dealers spanning 35 states, and surprisingly, smart achieved its considerable success without using television as an advertising medium.
The fortwo used an extensive online marketing campaign that included $99 down payments. 100,000 people sent in their checks for $99, and Penske says about 55% of those down payments will result in sales. The Penske Automotive Group is expecting another 25,000 sales for 2009, and six more dealers are going to be added. What's left to be seen is whether the fortwo can sustain success if $2 per gallon gasoline sticks around for an extended period of time.

Geneva Motor Show debut confirmed for Alfa Romeo Mito 'GTA'

Alfa Romeo CEO Luca de Meo recently revealed details about the upcoming GTA variant of the ultra-stylish MiTo hatch, confirming the car would arrive in the middle of the year packing a brand new 1.75L four-cylinder petrol engine turbocharged to the tune of 230hp (172kW). The carmaker has now announced that the sporty hatch will make its world debut at March’s Geneva Motor Show. The odd 1.75L displacement of its engine is a reference to the original Alfa Romeo Giulia and Giuliettas of the 1960s, some of the first compact and lightweight cars to have a relatively powerful engine fitted.
Alfa Romeo Mi.To Official debut

Watch out, John Cooper: Alfa MiTo GTA to bow in Geneva

The Alfa MiTo will finally get the punch to match its 8C Competizione styling when Alfa Romeo unveils the highly anticipated MiTo GTA at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. And the guys over at MINI's John Cooper Works had better pay attention.
According to emerging reports, the MiTo GTA will offer more power for less cash, deriving 240 horsepower - 31 more than the JCW and 90 more than the current strongest MiTo - from its 1.8-liter turbocharged four, with a sticker price some £2000 less than the JCW. The MiTo GTA will also retain Alfa's trick Q2 electronic differential to get the power down to the ground, while benefiting from more aggressive styling touches including sharpened lines, blistered wheel arches to house the bigger rims and possible some two-tone color options for a racier look. Sources also suggest Alfa could cut weight down by using aluminum and carbon fiber body panels. The deal is further sweetened by the prospect, given the Fiat group's new partnership with Chrysler, that the MiTo GTA could make it Stateside, so stay tuned. In the meantime you can check out the galleries below from our first drive of the MiTo in Italy.

Fiat 500 may come to U.S. for 2010 (sorry Canada)

If some hot new rumors are correct, this week's Chrysler-Fiat tie-up could start to bear some very shiny and round fruit surprisingly soon. According to Motor Trend editor Todd Lassa, Fiat's cuddly 500 is being discussed for possible fast-tracking for American showrooms "in well under 18 months." Interestingly, 2010 is the target US launch date that has been floating around for some time now, but now thanks to the Chrysler-Fiat arrangement, there now seems to be an obvious distribution conduit.
According to MT's source, the retro-minded bubble bauble would arrive in Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep showrooms powered by a 100-horsepower four-cylinder engine and sporting a new front fascia disguising a reconfigured bumper strike beam. Interestingly, Lassa says that the car may be sold only in the U.S. and not Canada because the latter has slightly different impact standards that could be tougher to meet. America's northerly neighbors evidently require that front turn-signal lenses be able to withstand a five mile-per-hour impact without cracking (many such lights are used as government-mandated daytime running lamps) and a modified 500 may still not be able to meet this standard.

Gallery: Fiat 500