Design Study: Volvo SC90 Concept

The Volvo SC90 is a four-door sport coupe spawned from the imagination of designer Nouphone J. Bansasine. Bansasine was a design intern at Volvo in 2007 and created the SC90 for an assignment, which was to create a new high-end model for the brand.

Johnson Controls re3 Concept


Johnson Controls, an automotive parts supplier direct to automakers, has unveiled its own green concept car at the Detroit Auto Show in an effort to showcase some of their latest parts, AutoblogGreen reports. The re3 features a plug-in hybrid powertrain, a lithium ion battery pack, and eco-friendly renewable interior materials.

The report said that Johnson Controls has a joint venture with Saft to manufacture car battery packs. The r3's own battery pack can provide EV-only power in city environments; it sits in between the seats underneath the center console. The car also features what the company calls an "extended cluster," which includes a traditional gauge cluster along with a 7-inch touchscreen and another 4.3-inch display, plus built-in Ecospace storage technology (whatever that is).

The center console system also includes the Johnson Controls Mobile Device Gateway with E-Bin, and Mobile Commerce with Card Reader. The Mobile Device Gateway adds convenience by linking mobile phones, navigation devices or MP3 players, complete with a compartment to store, connect, and power them all in. Mobile Commerce lets customers pay for fuel, parking, meals, and such while traveling, using their linked credit card or mobile phone while inside the car. (More pics after the break.)

Renault Alpine Concept Rendered for Your Pleasure

An automotive design student in Brazil has rendered a future Renault Alpine GTA. Renault is reportedly making a real one of its own. Will it look anything like this?

EDAG Light Car Concept to Debut in Geneva

A futuristic concept car named the Light Car - Open Source is headed for a Geneva Motor Show debut. It's built by engineering services provider EDAG and features a very high degree of possible vehicle individualisation.

Mitsubishi previews i MiEV Sport Air Concept ahead of Geneva debut

While the idea of an electric sports car is not a new one, mainstream carmakers have been slow to consider the proposition of a performance electric vehicle (EV). Niche carmakers like Tesla, Fisker and Lightning immediately spring to mind when one thinks of electric sports cars, but soon we may be able to add Mitsubishi to that list. The Japanese carmaker announced today that it will unveil the new i MiEV Sport Air Concept at March’s Geneva Motor Show. The show car will be based on the existing i MiEV all-electric hatch but will feature a much more powerful motor with a higher instantaneous torque.
2009 Mitsubishi i MiEV Sport Air Concept

Tesla announces Model S Concept, explains price hikes in town hall meeting

The burgeoning electric car field was just hitting its stride when the bottom fell out of the market last year, and the tough position that has left carmakers like Tesla in has forced some changes to be made. But that's not stopping the company from moving ahead with its product development plans, with the debut of a concept version of the Model S hybrid sedan slated for March. The information on the new concept was revealed at a town hall-style meeting held this evening in Menlo Park, California, where the company is headquartered.
Tesla Roadster

Concept: Volkswagen BlueSport

Maximum driving fun with minimal fuel consumption - This is the standard by which Volkswagen is starting the new car year 2009 and is presenting the roadster VW BlueSport Concept at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. "The BlueSport proves to be a compact and passionate car with a clear Volkswagen signature. The car offers pure dynamics with a powerful 180 PS Clean Diesel engine that is combined with the characteristic Volkswagen philosophy of efficiency," confirmed Volkswagen's Chairman of the Board, Prof. Martin Winterkorn in Detroit.

The Volkswagen BlueSport Concept is making its appearance at the car show in Detroit with a Flex Silver exterior and orange fabric convertible top. "It is the symbiosis of outstanding technology and timeless Volkswagen design that makes this car an exceptional sports car. Its styling is clear and is reduced to the essentials; the car body itself has a lean and linear structure", explains Volkswagen chief designer Walter de Silva. The interior shows finesse in details and conveys a high level of technological fascination. Immediately visible to the eye is the intuitive and easy to operate touchscreen. Perfectly adapted to the interior are the leather upholstered seats in lightweight construction with their single-piece seatbacks.

Behind the two sport seats of the 3.99 meter long Volkswagen BlueSport Concept, a 132 kW / 180 PS strong Clean Diesel (TDI) with common rail injection and downstream NOx storage catalytic converter delivers dynamic performance. A 6-speed DSG dual clutch transmission - the most economical and agile transmission system in the world - transfers power to the rear wheels. In just 6.6 seconds the sports car is moving at 100 km/h; its top speed is 226 km/h. Also having a positive impact on the car's low fuel consumption of just 4.3 l/100 km and reduced emissions are two technologies that are part of the so-called Eco mode: an automatic start-stop system and energy regeneration. Together they propel the Volkswagen BlueSport Concept to an additional fuel savings of up to 0.2 liter per 100 kilometers in city driving.

VW Up! Concept - Video

VW is working to make this little city car a reality.

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Extreme Bentley Concept to be Unveiled at Geneva

Extreme Bentley Concept

Bentley announced they will be unveiling their latest concept car at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show in March. Unimaginatively dubbed “Extreme Bentley,” the new car will be based on Bentley’s new-ish belief in biofuel. This ethanol-guzzling concept looks to be based on the Continental GT, but will beat the GT’s 4 second 0-60 time and 202 mph top speed, becoming the “fastest, most powerful production [Bentley] ever” according to Bentley.

Ethanol-based fuel such as E85 may be cleaner burning, but it gets significantly worse fuel economy than gasoline alone. While I applaud Bentley for thinking ahead with alternative fuel, I’m not sure this is the right time to be releasing a supercar that gets much worse fuel economy than an already fuel inefficient supercar.

Keep reading for Bentley’s teaser video for the Extreme Concept:

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Concept - Video

The two-door Genesis will have a standard turbo four-cylinder and an optional 300-hp V-6.

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VW Space Up! Blue Concept - Video

VW continues to evolve its city car concept, with this one featuring four doors and a plug-in fuel-cell powertrain.

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Infiniti partners with Louis Vuitton for new concept car

Infiniti has confirmed that it will unveil a brand new concept car at next month’s Geneva Motor Show but the only details released so far is that the concept will come with a custom Louis Vuitton luggage set. In the lead up to the concept’s unveiling, Infiniti design boss Shiro Nakamura was invited to one of the luxury label’s stores in Roppongi, Tokyo, where he was presented with one of the pieces from the luggage set. For Louis Vuitton, the partnership with Infiniti is the latest in a long heritage of designing custom luggage for special vehicles and hopefully it will lead to more collaborative work between the two companies. As for the actual concept, Infiniti states that it represents a celebration of the brand and its 20 years of history as a creator of sporty luxury vehicles.
Louis Vuitton luggage set for new Infiniti concept car

Volkswagen Concept BlueSport: The Multibrand Roadster

Volkswagen Concept BlueSport - Auto News - Motor Trend
If Built, Mid-Engine Sports Car Likely to Spawn Audi R1, Other VW Group Offerings

Volkswagen's Concept BlueSport went straight to clinics after it appeared at Detroit's Cobo Hall for the North American International Auto Show. VW chief Ulrich Hackenberg likened the car to the Mazda MX-5 Miata in price and necessary volume. It's a global car, he says. "And not just for one brand."

Photo Gallery: Volkswagen Concept BlueSport - Auto News - Motor Trend

Citroen DS Inside Concept to debut in Geneva

As reported earlier this week, Citroen will be re-branding itself and part of the new upper-end Citroen will mark the revival of the company’s Citroen brand. Yesterday, the Citroen DS Inside concept was revealed on several web sites across the web.

Citroen says that the DS Inside Concept will launch a new line of products that will consist of three new cars position in the small, medium and large segments. The first of the three cars will debut in 2010. All vehicles will be features under a new Citroen division called “DS Line.”

What does DS mean? According to Citroen  ”the range instills the different spirit. Hence the distinctive model line up will be called DS3, DS4 and DS5. DS: Different Spirit.

Kia teases mini-MPV concept ahead of Geneva

Scant imagery and even fewer details have been released regarding Kia's newest concept car, a Mini-MPV headed to the 2009 Salon de l’Automobile in Geneva this March. It does, however, claim that the vehicle will redefine the segment. In a press release announcing the new concept car, Kia stated that it will "redefine the mini-MPV segment bringing style and cool to what is currently a bland segment of the new car market." Those are bold claims, but they do hold some credibility - the carmaker's quirky Soul hatch has been generally well received by the press and the KOUP concept has also sparked much interest. The new concept will feature a glass roof and is designed to provide "astounding spaciousness" despite its small size.

Hyundai Does Early Reveal Of SUV Concept For Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai HED 6

This is interesting, Hyundai decided to let slip (accidentally on purpose) info about a concept SUV they were supposed to roll out at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Letting info on a show car slip early is a long held tradition in the auto world. It’s a great way to drum up attention, for one thing, and for another, it can all be part of a sophisticated marketing campaign. Hyundai’s move here is a little different though.

There’s two odd things about this: 1 – Why would Hyundai let an SUV concept out of the bag for Geneva, of all places, and, 2 – Why tout an SUV in a time when SUV sales are tanking, and things are getting greener (i.e. harder on SUVs) in general.

Let’s take a look.

First, just why would Hyundai let an SUV concept out of the bag for Geneva? That seems like an odd place for a Korean car company to tout an SUV. SUVs are thought of as more American in market than European, but for Hyundai, that’s not the case. One of the things I noticed when I was last on The Continent, was that 90% of the SUVs I saw were used as taxis. And out of those, it seemed like half were Hyundais. So to an American’s eyes, trying to pitch an SUV in Europe makes little sense, until you realize just what a market leader Hyundai apparently is. That, and Hyundai’s concept SUV was styled at the company’s European Design headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

The next question is why, why pitch an SUV in an era where things are getting greener, CAFE standards are bound to rise, and people are starting to look at SUVs the way they looked as Cadillac Fleetwood Broughams in 1974?

Hyundai’s rational is explained thusly:

“Hyundai’s European design team has hailed HED-6 as an ‘urban nomad, a car of contrast for a world of contrast’, citing cultural influences from major cities like Berlin, Paris and London as key to its creation.”

OK, so Hyundai sees a market in Euro-disco vacationers? Really? Seems so, but there’s also nods to the real world as well.

Allan Rushforth, Vice President at Hyundai Motor Europe touts the HED-6’s “ … latest-generation power train highlights Hyundai’s clean-technology expertise.” So they’re not completely tone-deaf to what the world is facing, climate-wise.

So, reading between the lines, what I see is Hyundai positioning its next taxi for Paris, and potentially, its next cute-ute for America with the HED-6 showing in Geneva.

Here’s the presser from Hyundai:

Hyundai reveals SUV concept car ahead of Geneva Motor Show première

Computer rendering reveals dynamic styling for compact SUV

Three-door i20 to debut at Geneva Show

First application of stop-start technology to be shown on i30 blue

Offenbach, February 09th 2009

Hyundai Motor Company will unveil an all-new concept car at this year’s Salon International de L’Automobile in Geneva on March 3rd, and the first image of the vehicle has just been released. This innovative concept portrays a dramatic new look for compact SUVs and was styled at the company’s European Design headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

The world première of this new concept – codenamed HED-6 – will take centre stage on the Hyundai stand, with two other vehicles completing a hat-trick of debuts for the company. The three-door version of new B-segment challenger the i20 will be shown for the first time on stage, further enhancing the Hyundai small-car offering, while the i30 blue will showcase the first application of stop-start technology on a Hyundai production car, contributing to a significant cut in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

HED-6 concept car
Hyundai’s European design team has hailed HED-6 as an ‘urban nomad, a car of contrast for a world of contrast’, citing cultural influences from major cities like Berlin, Paris and London as key to its creation.

HED-6 combines muscular design and everyday utility to fit comfortably in an urban or out-of-town environment. The dramatic exterior design is enhanced by the hexagonal grille, angular style lines and piercing back-swept front headlamps, with the bold look completed by 21-inch, mirror-polished alloy wheels. The three-dimensional, sculpted shape of the rear window is achieved using “Lexan” high-performance plastics instead of regular glass. To emphasize the dynamic flowing lines, the designers have developed a special ‘Ice Blue’ exterior paint, with an advanced pigment effect for a brilliant shine.

Equipped with LED daytime running lights and powered by a 175 HP, 1.6-litre GDi turbocharged engine, HED-6 gives an indication of the next generation of Hyundai SUVs.

Allan Rushforth, Vice President at Hyundai Motor Europe said, “The HED-6 brings an entirely new look to Hyundai’s SUV line-up. It fuses a robust exterior with a fresh and elegant interior, making for an eye-catching package, while its latest-generation power train highlights Hyundai’s clean-technology expertise.”

i30 blue

Hyundai decided on a global basis to label all low emission vehicles to be launched, starting with i30, under the sub-brand “blue”. The i30 produced in Nosovice, Czech Republic, will be the first mass production vehicle to wear the blue label as i30 blue.

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to lowering vehicle CO2 emissions and reducing costs for consumers, Hyundai brings ISG (Idle Stop and Go) technology to a production car for the first time.

Ideal for city driving, the i30 blue will automatically switch the car’s engine off when stationary.

The ISG system uses an advanced starter motor connected to the ECU, which monitors the car’s status at all times. Remarkably, this technology applied to Hyundai’s 1.6-litre petrol engine reduces fuel consumption by 7% on the official combined cycle, while achieving a lower CO2 rating of 142g/km, compared to 152g/km on the regular i30 1.6.

Available in showrooms by mid-year, the i30 blue will come in both five-door hatchback and CW estate body styles and a choice of 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre petrol engines. Following in the footsteps of i30, other models in the Hyundai new-car range will progressively be offered with ISG technology.

i20 three-door
Set to play an important role in developing Hyundai’s brand and sales success in Europe, the chic and versatile i20 three-door will go on sale in the second quarter of 2009. Adding a lower entry-level price to the i20 line-up, the youthful and sporty three-door variant will boost Hyundai’s offering in the largest growing segment in Europe.

Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept officially previewed before Geneva

After all the teasers and information leaked on the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept, Fiat is finally dropped three official images along with some detail before the concepts 2009 Geneva Motor Show debut.

This is the first GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerito) model since the Alfa 147 GTA but Alfa has given it all the right features including exceptional agility produced by a power-to-weight ratio and performance that is influenced by a supercar. However, Alfa Romeo makes sure that fuel-efficiency is still a part of the game. In its press release Alfa says that while the MiTo GTA Concept car embodies the emotions of an Italian Gran Turismo, it also “embraces the principle of ‘downsizing’, guaranteeing reduced emissions and lower operating costs.”

Power is said to come from a 1.75L turbo-charged 4-cylinder pumping out an outstanding 240-hp. 0 to 60 mph and other specs will be made available closer to the cars Geneva debut. A production model of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept should arrive later this year.

FPV F6 E Concept unveiled at Melbourne Auto Show

Ford Performance Vehicles has unveiled the new F6 E Concept. Based on the success of the F6 and GT E, the F6 E was designed to “satisfy calls from the market for more performance based executive vehicles,” says Ford Performance Vehicles General Manager Rod Barrett.

Power comes from a 4.0L turbocharged DOHC 24-valve in-line 6-cylinder engines making 415-hp with a maximum torque of 416 lb-ft. The engine is mated to a ZF 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Sports Shift as standard. Fuel-economy comes in at 19 mpg. Stopping power comes from 355 x 32mm cross-drilled and ventilated front rotors with Brembo 6-piston calipers and 330 x 28mm cross-drilled and ventilated rear rotors with Brembo 4-piston calipers.

The F6 E Concept also features cosmetic upgrades including a upper radiator and lower bumper grille mesh finished in black chrome, new front driving lamps highlighted in chrome and new FPV badges on the front, rear and side panels. The F6 E concept rides on 19-inch wheels with an Alpine Silver alloy finish

Available in eight color (including Winter White, Silhouette, Lightning Strike, Velvet, Sensation, Steel, Ego, and Seduce) target pricing for the F6 E would be $78,190 ($50,448 USD).

Kia No. 3 Concept - Auto Shows

While Kia is one of many companies to pull the dust covers off a car during this year’s Geneva auto show—the Korean company is debuting the No. 3 concept—it’s one of a select few with some actual cause to celebrate.

Despite the gloom hanging over the car industry as a whole and the freefall of vehicle sales in the States, 2008 marked the 14th consecutive year that Kia increased its market share in North America. Barring any further economic disasters, Kia could capture even more sales thanks to the hip-looking Soul crossover and the all-new Forte sedan and coupe. The Soul’s arrival is imminent, followed by a summer launch of the Forte.

Back to the No. 3

Meanwhile, back in Geneva, the No. 3 concept proves that Kia is aiming to improve its down-market offerings. At 159.2 inches long, the No. 3 (say “Number 3”) is sized to compete with subcompacts like the Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz (Fit in the U.S.), and Ford Fiesta in Europe. Don’t be fooled by that “concept” tag. Take away some of the show-car icing, and this is very close to a production car that will go on sale early next year.

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2009 Geneva Auto Show: Speed for all Budgets - Feature

Million-dollar one-offs, the annual left-field whizbang from Rinspeed, and supercars with five, six, or even seven hundred horsepower make Geneva the most whimsical of the major European auto shows. Signs of green proliferation were everywhere at the 2009 Geneva auto show, but so were signs that the speed wars will persist even in the face of global economic concerns. Read on for speed-freaky highlights from Geneva fit for all budgets, categorized by level of performance.

Regular Grade—————————————————————————————

2010 Volkswagen GTI

Cheap speed is something of an obsession atCar and Driver, mostly because we can’t afford any other kind of fast. The Volkswagen GTI is one of our favorite affordable ways to test the limits of both handling and the law, combining German premium-brand polish and poise with Everyman pricing. The turbo four’s output of 210 hp lags behind the segment’s best, but the feel and balance of the newest GTI are likely to remain unmatched at its price.


2010 Mazdaspeed 3

As furious as hot hatches come, the tightly-wound Mazdaspeed 3 has won every comparison test we’ve ever put it in. What would happen if we pitted it against a BMW M3, you ask? Oh, man—don’t get us going. Mazda is taking the conservative route with this redesign, carrying over from the current car the 263-hp turbocharged four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive layout, and five-door hatchback body style. We’re already sure we’ll like it.


2009 Ford Focus RS

The Focus won five consecutive awards before repeated decontenting robbed it of its soul. The European Focus, on the other hand, has received continuous updates and remains a joy to drive; there are few products in Ford’s foreign portfolio we’d rather see offered in the U.S. We’re particularly intrigued by this most potent form, powered by a 300-hp, 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five.


2010 Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA

Passion and performance are the hallmarks of the Italian auto industry, regardless of price point. The pint-sized MiTo GTA is proof. Powered by a turbocharged 1.7-liter four twisting out 237 horses, the GTA is billed as a concept, but the production model should be very similar. Alfa wants to return to the U.S. market, and the 8C Competizione was chosen to lead the charge, but we’d rally behind this little hatch, too.

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Video: Honda Insight ‘Let it Shine’ TV ad

Honda is gearing up for the launch of the Insight hybrid in international markets and has released a new TV ad called “Let it Shine’ to support the hybrid’s launch in Europe and the U.S. next month.

Honda gathered up some skilled geeks to create what appears to be the world’s largest LED screen with car headlights that display sequences of dot matrix graphics that “depict the notion of good.” Animations show hugs and kisses, smiley faces and other things that make us want to go hug a tree.

‘Let it Shine’ was directed by Erik van Wyk and creative directed by Jeff Kling, John Norman and Sue Anderson. It features a bespoke recorded version of ‘This Little Light of Mine’ created by Berend Dubbe.

Next-generation Hyundai Tiburon coming in 2011, won’t be called Tiburon

For those of you that think that the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is the replacement for the current Hyundai Tiburon - you’re wrong. According to Hyundai Motor America’s acting CEO John Krafcik, Hyundai is working on the next Tiburon that will be smaller and will also cost much less.

The new car will be “positioned below the current Tiburon,” Krafcik told AutoWeek. “It will have a lower price point, kind of eco sport positioning, where it is not going to be all about performance.”

Krafcik said while it will be very fuel-efficient, the next-generation Tiburon, which arrives in 2011, will be very stylish like the Genesis Coupe and will be influenced by the Veloster concept.

The next-generation Tiburon will share its front-wheel-drive platform with the Accent and Elantra and will feature a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine. Krafcik said that the Tiburon nameplate will be dropped.

- By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AutoWeek

2011 Ford Explorer to be built in Chicago, will get EcoBoost-ed

Ford’s assembly plant in Chicago will be responsible for building the next-generation version of the Explorer SUV, reports the Chicago Tribunal. Union leaders said that Ford executives agreed to produce the new Explorer at its Chicago facility as a part of a recent deal with the UAW to cut pay and benefits.

When asked, Ford said that the Torrence Avenue plant will “receive a new product” but FoMoCo declined to identify it.

The next-generation Ford Explorer will abandon its body-on-frame construction and will become a uni-body SUV that will ride on the D3 platform used on the new 2010 Ford Taurus.

Powertrain options are said include a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder unit making 275-hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. Of course the 340-hp 3.5L twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost will also be offered. Mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, fuel-economy is expected to be improved by 25 to 30 percent.

Rumors suggest that the next-generation Ford Explorer should arrive in the fall 2010.

- By: Kap Shah

Source: Chicago Tribunal

Hyundai Ix-onic Concept - Auto Shows

This Geneva auto show–bound five-passenger crossover concept was designed by Hyundai’s design team in Rüsselsheim, Germany, as “a car of contrasts for a world of contrasts,” but the only contrast we see is between the concept’s sharp styling and Hyundai’s dowdy brand image. The company says the name is pronounced “ik-sonic,” which just conjures images of burger joints or spiky-haired blue hedgehogs. The look is not necessarily iconic, but between this car and Rhys Millen’s drifting Genesis coupe, you might think Hyundai was trying to reinvent itself.

In profile or from the rear, the ix-onic’s creased fender bulges and pinched side glass look like a more sharply honed Buick Enclave. Up front is a squashed hexagonal grille bisected by a hefty plastic beam like those of Hyundai’s past Veloster and Qarmaq concepts, which seems destined to become a part of the corporate design language. The Lexan rear window seems destined for the dumpster behind the design studio. Ditto, sadly, the handsome 21-inch wheels. Their six paired spokes twist and spread in a way that traps your eye and forces you to stare for a moment to determine which is matched with which.

Giugiaro Frazer Nash Concept: World's Fastest Hybrid

We don't know why Giugiaro named this after a long-defunct builder of idiosyncratic British sports cars, but the Frazer Nash concept is looking to become the world's fastest hybrid with a 186 MPH top speed.

Aside from a car which looks more Lamborghini than Targa Florio, the Frazer Nash Concept has a central boast of "World's Fastest Hybrid" with a claimed top speed of 186 MPH. Sort of an odd and probably specific claim around a traditional gasoline-electric passenger category since KERS equipped F1 cars will probably be kinda fast and there have been some pretty quick land speed record hybrids. Semantics aside, the Frazer Nash Concept will debut next month at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, where it will compete against the Rinspeed iCharge for most lauded one-off engineering exercises. [TopSpeed]

Rinspeed iChange Concept Unveiled (with video)

When Rinspeed isn’t out tuning Porsche’s and Subaru’s, the Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuner is coming up with exotic concept cars for the Geneva Motor Show - every year. Last year, Rinspeed came to Geneva with the Rinspeed sQuba, a concept based on the Lotus Elise that could ‘drive’ underwater. This year, Rinspeed is back with its new iChange concept - and yes, as the name suggests the Rinspeed iChange changes shape.

It’s basically the world’s first zero-emissions car that can change shape. In standard form, the Rinspeed iChange seats one; but with a push of a button it can seat up to a total of 3 passengers.

Weighing at 1,050 kilograms (or 2,310 pounds), the iChange is powered by a 150 kW electric motor (204-hp) that allows it to go from 0 to 62 mph in just over 4 seconds with a top speed of 136 mph.

Rinspeed to debut transforming electric concept car

The 1-2-3 seater Rinspeed iChange concept car

The 1-2-3 seater Rinspeed iChange concept car

(Credit: Rinspeed)

Swiss automaker Rinspeed will debut at the 2009 Geneva auto show an electric concept car that changes shape to conform to the number of passengers on board.

The iChange is a lightweight, 4,280mm (approximately 14 feet) EV sports car with a teardrop-like silhouette designed to maximize fuel efficiency for the single passenger. But with the push of a button, the sloped rear of the car pops up to accommodate two additional passengers, if needed.

The concept sports car forgoes doors, opting for a very ADA-unfriendly clamshell roof. Rinspeed is obviously assuming that in the future, women will no longer wear skirts.

Geneva 09' Preview: Hyundai HED-6 Concept Photos Leaked

Hyundai is going to unveil the HED-6 Concept early next month, but we've got the first official photos of the concept.

The concept stays true to the sketch that was released last week. The concept is powered by a turbocharged 175 hp 1.6-liter GDi four-cylinder. The engine is expected to eventually be offered in Hyundai's lineup. The HED-6 is expected to make it into production alongside the Kia Sportage, which means it could eventually become the next Hyundai Tucson in the U.S.

Expect more details soon.

Mitsubishi Prototype i MiEV and i MiEV Sport Air Concept - Auto Shows

Mitsubishi is thinking electric at the 2009 Geneva auto show. On display are two concepts that will hint at the production i MiEV (Mitsubishiin-wheel motorElectricVehicle) headed for Japan this summer. Both are based on the gasoline-powered Mitsubishi i microcar.

The exterior of the Prototype i MiEV continues the evolution toward the final, fully electric vehicle, which could also be offered in Western Europe. This concept introduces left-hand drive and boasts slightly larger dimensions than the previous i MiEV.

The i MiEV Sport Air concept is a coupe version of the Prototype and a further evolution of the previous i MiEV Sport concept. It aims to deliver a more dynamic driving experience, with a beefed-up electric motor and lower center of gravity. The Sport Air also adds a slick “clear cutaway” top for a more airy experience.

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Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept Headed For Geneva Motor Show

For car buyers in the US, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is a lusty Italian and unavailable tease. Now the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept is debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, making things even worse.

The MiTo GTA Concept takes the swoopy little MiTo and cranks up the speed and style. Weight reduction was a priority with a carbon fiber rear hatch, roof, and mirrors with aluminum used throughout. The car is lowered, with high performance tires and upgraded brakes and more aggressive styling all around. Power comes from a direct injection 1.7 liter four cylinder pounding out 240 HP, for those keeping track that's a ridiculous 137 HP per liter. Should this little puppy ever make production we'll have yet another car to put on the list of necessary gray market imports.


A high performance concept of the new Alfa MiTo, the Alfa MiTo GTA, will be starring at this year's Geneva International Motor Show in early March.

In line with the famous GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerito) signature, (Alleggerito means reduced weight in Italian), the MiTo GTA Concept prioritises weight reduction, and the achievement of an optimum power-to-weight ratio.

Considerable work has gone into lowering the vehicle's centre of gravity; thus certain components such as the tailgate spoiler, roof and mirror fairings are in carbon-fibre; while aluminium is used extensively in the braking system, suspension, and some parts of the chassis.

Under the bonnet, an exciting new petrol engine, very much in keeping with the pre-requisites of downsizing, environmental awareness, and the offer of high power and efficiency in return for low weight and optimised packaging, powers the new GTA Concept.

Designed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies and exploiting the vast experience gained in the production of Twin Spark and Alfa V6 road and race engines, the compact new petrol engine employs advanced technical solutions including direct injection, dual variable valve timing, state-of-the-art turbocharging and advanced electronic management systems to produce a remarkable 240bhp from just 1742cc.

Under-floor aerodynamics have been a particular concern, while the entire car has been lowered by some 20mm. Front suspension employs new geometry with aluminium leading arms, while the rear suspension has all-new bushings, and the comprehensively revised chassis boasts an ‘active' suspension system, (advanced damper control), which counteracts the transfer of load under acceleration, stiffening the rear end and maximising traction. The suspension also interacts with the braking system and steering to obtain the most efficient control of vehicle dynamics, while a ‘Sky-Hook' function ensures an excellent level of passenger comfort under conditions of everyday use.

Updated I.DE.A ERA Concept coming to Geneva

I.DE.A Institute (which stands for Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering) is an automobile design and engineering company in Turin, Italy. Founded in 1978, I.DE.A last year celebrated its 30th anniversary by putting together a roadster concept in 30 days.

This year at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the I.DE.A group is back with an updated, much sleeker looking version of their ERA concept.

We’re not sure what I.DE.A plans on doing with the ERA in the future, but we’re guessing we’ll learn more at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show next week. For now, check out the high-res image gallery after the jump.

Click through for more high-res photos.

I.DE.A ERA Concept:

Source: (via AutoBlog)