Tata confirms Nano U.S.-bound in around two years

Tato Nano Europa

Americans may have the opportunity to welcome the Tata Nano to their shores in just over two years, according to a confirmation from David Good, a U.S. rep for the Indian automaker. Before it arrives, Tata assures that the ultra-cheap compact with a base price of just $2500 will be configured to meet all emission and crash standards. If successful, we could see see versions of the Indian microcars running on biofuel and diesel.
But who will distribute the teensy Tatas? Well, that's up in the air right now. A brand-new dealer network for the brand has been discussed. Another option would be selling the Nano through Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships -- the Indian automaker owns both, after all. That long shot was quickly dismissed by Stuart Schorr, a spokesman for Jaguar Land Rover, before the repercussions could sink in.

Top Gear destroy Mitsubishi EVO, Tata plans to bring Nano to the U.S. in 2 years

It’s finally Friday and as we take a break from speeding around in our press vehicle of the week, the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP, we’re taking some time out to bring you a few random findings from the egmCarTech editor’s desk (or the egmCarTech’s table at the local Starbucks if you will).

Top Gear destroys a Mitsubishi EVO with the British Army: We’re pretty excited to see what Top Gear has in store for season 13 and it seems like Clarkson is up to no good again. This time, Clarkson teamed up with the British Army to destroy a Mitsubishi EVO. While our feelings are hurt, we can’t wait to see the reasoning behind this one. - Mitsubishi Lancer Register (via AutoBlog)

Tata plans on bringing the Nano to the United States: Earlier this year, Tata finally unveiled the production version of the much anticipated $1,983 Tata Nano. At that time, CEO Ratan Tata told us that the Nano has to meet “rear-crash tests” in the U.S. for which ”redesigning is necessary, and will take 3 years.” Well, it seems like Tata is making progress. Europe will get their Nano in 2011 and we’re now scheduled to get it in about 2 years. Note: Please give the 37-hp Nano drivers some time to take off from the red-light when they come to the United State. - AutoWeek

Bill Clinton says Brazil must save forests in its ethanol push: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said that the world is well aware of the benefits of using ethanol as a fuel source, such as 90 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emission when compared to gasoline. However, Clinton says that Brazil should worry about ranchers and farms from cutting further into forests before it starts exporting large amounts of ethanol. - Reuters