Production Mitsubishi i-MiEV unveiled, sales begin in April 2010

In a very lengthy press release on World Environment Day (which we talked about yesterday), Mitsubishi finally unveiled the production version of its four-seater i MiEV electric-vehicle. The i MiEV will go on sale in Japan in late July of 2009 with a monthly lease process much like the Mini E Cooper. Starting April 2010, Mitsubishi will begin the official sales process to individuals and will start take orders in July.

So let’s get down the technical part of the i MiEV. The new mass-produced Mitsubishi electric-car is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which is comprised of 88 lithium-ion cells that are installed under the floor in the center of the vehicle. That in turn powers an electric-motor that allows for 67-hp with a peak torque of 133 lb-ft.

How long does it take charge? Mitsubishi says that the i MiEV uses a 3-way charging system, which allows the battery to be charged at home or when out on the road. For normal charging the i MiEV can be charged from a standard 100-volt outlet which takes about 14-hours to reach full charge; a 200-volt outlet will take approximately 7-hours to reach full charge. The i MiEV can also be charged at quick-charging stations that are currently being established in Japan. At the quick-charge stations, the i MiEV can reach 80 percent full charge in 30 minutes. Once completely charged, Mitsubishi says that the i MiEV will provide a traveling range of 99 miles.

Mitsubishi said that it hopes to sell 1,400 units of the i MiEV in Japan in fiscal year 2009. Pricing starts ¥ 4,380,000 - or $44,714 (with Japanese tax credits). We’ll get more details on the sale of the i MiEV in other regions shortly after its Japanese launch